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4 Fun Sex Facts Involving Trans Ladies

We decided to mix it up with this article. Yes, yes we know that you are more than interested in how you can make a lovely trans lady happy in bed. Sure, you have been following the content provided on the inspiring trans Snapchat accounts, but there is always more to learn and more to know. That is clear as day.  

So, this is why we have decided to dive, well, headfirst, and get you the much-need data when it comes to sex with the lovely T-girls. We asked and got some great answers that we hope you will be able to try out in the lovely surroundings of your bedroom. So, let’s start!

Don’t make assumptions about her genitals

This is one of the most important things. Just because she has certain anatomy parts do not assume that you know how she wants to use them. Make sure you talk about it first and see what works best for the young lady. 

It is important to keep in mind that while not every trans woman uses estrogen, many do, thus their bodies work so much differently. Trans adult performer Claire Tenebrarum had the following to say about the misconceptions potential partners can have regarding trans women. 

“Based on Tinder hookups and just general interactions with cis girls and couples on Tinder, their knowledge, like cis men's knowledge, comes from highly fetishized pornography where girls with thick, throbbing cocks shoot wads of cum. There's a complete lack of even basic understanding of trans people, how our medication works, and we're basically just treated like cis men with tits.”

This is definitely something that is to be avoided, and thus if you are dating a trans lady, make sure that she feels safe enough to tell you how she wants to be treated and what makes her most comfortable. There is no discussion, all of us enjoy the content on T-girl Snapchat accounts, but it is important to remember that that content is for fans and that it is in no way indicative of their real needs and expectations. 

Make sure that you take an anatomy lesson

Yes yes, you might think you know it, but trust us there is so much more to learn. And if you really want to ensure that your lady enjoys the experience here is what you need to be aware of – 

According to Allure magazine – “Trans women with vaginas have genitals that function similarly to cis women’s, whereas trans women’s penises on HRT are much more analogous to an enormous version of a cis woman’s clitoris. In the latter’s case, our crotches require a soft, smooth touch-based on using one’s fingertips. For trans women on HRT, stroking the frenulum — the outer tissue on the penis connecting the shaft and the glans — is particularly pleasurable, and the penis’ tip often responds well to gentle touching.

Alongside the penis, the perineum is right above the prostate; some trans women even prefer having it touched (or fucked) instead of penile stimulation, as the perineum’s placement feels analogous to a vagina. These areas respond well to simultaneous stimulation as well, especially when playing with the anus too.”

Now that you understand the anatomy a bit better it will be far easier for you to make progress when it comes to pleasuring you trans lady.

Anal sex is the great equalizer

Yes, you have read this correctly, it is the one body part that everyone has and uses. That is precisely why it is so important when it comes to better understanding and satisfying your T-girl.

According to Gaines Blasdel - “Some people aren’t comfortable with receiving anal intercourse, and some people aren’t comfortable giving anal intercourse — and that’s fine. But it is kind of a non-gendered thing, the great equalizer.”

When it comes to the level of pleasure, it is important to discuss the types of orgasms. So, both biological sexes have a G-spot. In the biologically female body, this is a part of the erectile tissue of the clitoral body and vestigial secondary sex glands and is felt as a spongier part of the vaginal wall about 5 cm inside.

When it comes to a trans woman, this is the prostate and other secondary sex glands that produce the seminal fluid and are still active after hormone replacement therapy. In a post-operative trans woman, the G-spot can be reached through the vagina as with a cis woman and produces very deep spreading orgasms. From personal experience, I find this one of the most intense experiences possible to feel. Now, keep in mind that for the pre-operative trans woman it can only be approached through the rectal wall. This need not be a squeamish activity but can be extremely intimate and bring you closer together as a couple.

Yes, porn matters

You did not expect us to say this, did you? Well since porn is one of the main sources of misconceptions it is a good idea to watch some quality porn together. It might facilitate the conversation and help you understand the situation far better. 

How to implement this? Well first discuss which transgender Snapchat accounts you find the most appealing. Defining the content and the dynamics can help you understand each other’s expectations better. Then search for porn productions starring just the adult entertainers you have previously discussed. You can then talk about what you like and this like, what she finds misleading, and what she is comfortable with. Sure, watching porn can be a great turn-on but at the same time it can spark up an open and honest conversation that is much needed for creating the perfect atmosphere for a healthy relationship both in and outside of the bedroom.

We hope that you have gained some useful insight and some great advice you can go on and apply to your relationship with a beautiful trans woman. It all comes down to getting to know and respecting your client, and that is precisely what you need to do if you want to build and maintain a healthy relationship.