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4 Reasons Why Men Prefer Shemales in Porn and in Life

Do you know that there are millions of men around the world who love shemales? Some of them like ladyboys more than they like real girls. There is a type of man who thinks that transgenders are better than real women. They even make sure that the primary accounts they follow on social media are shemale Snapchat accounts or the OnlyFans were certain ladies like to share their content. 

The popularity of the web resources dedicated to shemales is one of the signs that ladyboys are liked and adored by millions of people around the world. Girls often don’t understand male physique, and they do not know how guys think. And that is the main difference between transgender ladies and biological women, they simply actually know what men want without having the superpower to do so. 

So, let’s see why men prefer T-girls.

They are more approachable

The fact of the matter is that most women are surrounded by dozens of men in their life. Women take the time to select the most prospective specimen out of the many they have at their disposal. It may look very cynical, but women select the man who is more beneficial to them. A woman does not care about the fellow who has disappeared. She has enough men who are always ready to do everything she wishes. It is commonly accepted in our culture, that a man should strive to deserve a woman’s love, trust, and interest.

The sad reality we have lived in so far has shown that shemales have been discriminated against everywhere. Ladyboys do not feel safe in any country. When a person is loved by everyone, he promptly gets spoiled. This is precisely why shemales are very happy to meet some men who will truly accept them. A good attitude is a rare thing for shemales, and as a result, the value and appreciate men who love them. 

The fact of the matter is that communication with a shemale is very convenient and easy for men. Ladyboys are not full of pride and arrogance. They are open, friendly, and willing to interact. Especially if that interaction is open and true That is what makes them so approachable. It is actually one of the main reasons that most T-girls love to interact with their fans on trans Snapchat accounts.  

These ladies are unparallel when it comes to oral sex

The rule is simple, they know male anatomy and they know it well. They have played with themselves, they know all the sensitive areas and how to inspire the best possible sensations. The trust of the matter is that a woman will never make a good oral job if she doesn’t know anything about a man’s penis. However, women need much experience in order to enhance their skills in oral sex. Licking a clitoris is not a sophisticated process. When it comes to sucking a penis, women need to know this organ very well. 

As we have already mentioned shemales have penises and they know how it feels like to be sucked. They know all the sensitive areas on a penis, and consequently, their oral caresses are very pleasurable. It is unarguable that shemales are better at oral sex than women. Usually, we judge women’s oral skills by looking at how they do it in porn films. That is not correct. Pornstars are professionals. Men love oral sex, there is no denying it, that is why dating or having fun with a shemale is not a bad choice for someone who wants to receive great oral pleasure. 


If anal is your preference, look no further

Anal sex is very pleasurable for trans women, especially if they have not had gender reassignment surgery and still have prostates. A significant number of women dislike anal sex due to a multitude of reasons:

1) It can be uncomfortable, so they just don’t get the same level of pleasure. For some women, anal sex may be pleasurable because the anus has thousands of nerve endings. 

2) Vaginal sex is more pleasurable, and therefore, they have no reasons to go through the anal practices.

3) Anal sex is sometimes associated with something abnormal and shameful. This is one of the reasons why so many women avoid it.

4) Anal sex may be painful for some inexperienced women. 

The reality is that some men enjoy anal more than classic vaginal sex. The anus is tighter than a vagina, and therefore, men have more intense feelings during anal sex. This is why trans women are very much loved by men who prefer anal to vaginal but are not comfortable enough to consider themselves anything else than straight men.

Bottoming you say?

Let’s be realistic about it, when it comes to gay sex bottoms have more fun. Just check out gay Snapchat accounts and the content they offer. The prostate is an extremely sensitive organ. Some people say that the prostate is a male clitoris. That saying may be definitely true. 

The secret that no one is talking about is that bottom gays are not the only ones who enjoy being penetrated. Straight men also enjoy it. Some men even practice strap-on sex with their wives, and others enjoy anal masturbation. 

A man who enjoys anal penetration may be suspected of homosexual inclinations. Hence, strap-on sex is not always available in different couples. It is a lack of communication that prevents men to enjoy sex a lot more.

There are many other reasons why some men like being penetrated, and therefore, this trend is very popular nowadays. So, what should a man do if he does not want to become a bottom gay, and at the same time, he cannot enjoy bottoming with his wife? On these occasions, men decide to have sex with trans ladies, who, in their minds, are the best of both worlds. 

We hope that you have enjoyed our little article and are ready to do some exploration of your very own.