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4 Reasons Why Shemale Porn Should not be a Taboo

We still live in a society that is not completely willing to accept or include transgender people. Especially trans women. They are viewed as a rarity and are very much still marginalized, both in everyday life and in porn.

Luckily, we are seeing some tectonic changes in the adult entertainment industry, and while most of us follow T-girl Snapchat accounts and enjoy the content, they share it took the industry a bit longer to catch up and make it more mainstream. So, in honor of the changes, here are our two cents on why shemale porn should not be taboo.

They are gorgeous and stunning in their own right.

Just because their anatomy might differ a bit doesn’t mean that they are any less hot, sexy, and amazing in bed. The main taboo comes from men being insecure in their own sexuality. Simply put they worry if they watch shemale porn and enjoy it that that makes them gay. This is a wrong train of thought and one that needs to be modified in this modern society.

First of all, you are attracted primarily to a woman, a stunning pornstar like Bruna Rodrigues that is all that matters the rest is just great fun and exploration. 

Let us be blunt about it -  much like girls, a large percentage of men aren’t 100% hetero, but that doesn’t mean they want to get it on with boys; instead, it comes out with them checking out ladyboy Snapchat accounts, who have all the nice things about girls (soft skin, breasts, sexy outfits, etc.) but come fully equipped for a trip to the wilderness ( i.e. they have a cock.). It is a very interesting combo to explore but it all comes down to the understanding that who they are watching and who they find hot is essentially a stunning woman, with a little something extra to make them happy.

It is natural to be curious, it doesn’t need to be forbidden  

The main reason why the taboo stigma exists when it comes to shemale porn is the fact that it has been defined as unnatural. Well so are most other kinks that you run into while strolling around porn platforms, but why complain. Out links, sexual preferences and desires are what makes our sex life that much more fun and pleasurable. Exchanging the standard missionary with your partner for a BDSM role play party or a night with a trans girl can make you all that happier, so why to run away from it. 

A very interesting take on this is the submission one. It is often used to explain the attraction that straight guys have to shemale porn and TS actresses – so, most heterosexuals have erotic interests that go beyond penetration… and humiliation is one of them. Being forced to give fellatio or to take anal is alluringly humiliating for men who like to be submissive. Furthermore, the shemale allows the penis to be used without the fantasy of becoming gay. It is a tool of humiliation rather than homosexuality. This is a great take, and it allows the burden of taboo to be taken off the whole thing. 

There is something surprisingly pleasurable from this type of porn

Once the stigma has been removed, we start to see that shemale porn has indeed a lot to offer the viewers. If you check out the content on TS Snapchat accounts, you know what we are talking about. These ladies are here to play ball and they just give so much of themselves that it makes for amazing porn scenes and even better snaps. 

According to a recent article – “The penis is so quintessentially male that we can’t help think that being turned on by a penis must mean that you’re attracted to men. However, let’s consider the following phenomena…

In all of these cases, people are getting turned on by the male organ, but they are not attracted to men.

This means that the male phallus is working as a symbolic, erotic object – just as a latex catsuit or handcuffs work as erotic objects. In other words, the penis doesn’t have to be attached to a male to be a turn on. There may also be an element of erotophobia – fear of the vagina. The penis is a familiar, protruding, aesthetically pleasing object. The vagina is kind of like a mushy hole (and may my mother forgive me for that description!).”

The mainstream is picking up and so should we

Shemale porn is getting to the top of mainstream adult entertainment with shemale pornstars like Morgan Bailey and Nikolly Gaucha very much leading the way. There are more and more elaborate productions, great crossovers and so much more. And that is a clear sign that the times are changing and that we can really get to enjoy it a lot more. 

According to Pornhub statistics – “Men are proportionately 63% more likely to search for transgender-related porn when compared to those visitors Google has identified as women. Interest in trans porn increases by age group, with visitors in the 18 to 24 age group being 31% less likely to search, whereas visitors over the age of 55 are 20% more likely to search when compared to all other age groups.”

In addition, - “Worldwide, transgender-related terms currently represent 1.97% of all searches on Pornhub, so that’s well over a million searches each day. Argentina proportionately searches for more transgender porn than any other country in the world, making up 4.1% of all their searches. In Brazil, transgender makes up 3.42% of all searches, and 3.11% in Colombia. The United States ranks 25th worldwide for transgender search popularity.”

If that is not enough to change the status of shemale porn from taboo into the mainstream, we don’t know what is. Either way, we hope that you will continue to enjoy it as much as we are.