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7 Best Trans and Non-Binary Sex Toys

This time we are bringing you something new and oh so entertaining. Yes, we know that you have been eyeing the toys used in porn films featuring T-girls as well as ones on trans Snapchat accounts that seem oh so fun.

This is precisely why our team decided to some extensive research and find the best sex toys on the market for trans and non-binary users. And let us tell you, we have definitely hit a jackpot and are more than happy to share our findings with you. So, let the games begin!

First, and well most wanted - stackable rings

This is especially important for someone just venturing and finding your fitting. The first few times can be a bit painful or unpleasant. And stackable rings can help control the depth of penetration so that you can relax and avoid any unnecessary discomfort.

After all, sex is supposed to be fun, not painful, well unless you really want it to be, but that is a whole other story… Now if you are a bottom this is definitely a useful toy. Just check out how many femboy Snapchat accounts there are that show this precise toy being used oh so much. 

Now, for something fun - a rainbow pride colors Dildo

Well, this has been one of our favorite LGBTQ sex toys this year. We have become bored with flesh-colored dildos and dongs over the years, it’s refreshing that gay sex toy makers are starting to play a little more with colors. You can find the Rainbow Pride Dildo in 6″ or 8″ length.

It’s made of high-quality, luxury, phthalate, and latex-free silicone. Silicone is the best sex toy material currently available – silicone sex dolls routinely above $2000! It has a suction cup bottom for solo use, or shower use, or table use, or wall use. It is such fun and a must-have in 2020.

Oh yes - We-Vibe’s Tango

The king of vibrators packed in such a great portable size. Of course, due to its size, it won’t quite reach the unbelievable power of the Magic Wand, but the rumbles are deep enough to still please most. Just like the Magic-Wand, it can be used by pre-op/non-op women by treating the whole gland to taint area like a clitoris and it is powerful enough to be used over the clothing.

Otherwise, thanks to its much smaller footprint, it can easily be used on nipples or around the anus. Just avoid using it for anal penetration, since there’s no stopper to prevent it from getting sucked into your body. So, there you go, something for everyone. And it is easily rechargeable…

Something additional for beginners - minimalistic toys 

minimalistic toys from Tantus are great toys for beginners looking to get started with this whole penetration business. So, whether you’re looking to tackle vaginal or anal sex, these 3 very gradual and untextured toys might be all you need to get you from inexperienced to penetration pro!

And to make things even easier on debutants, they are flexible and come in a shiny frictionless silicone finish. A finish that bridges the gap between draggy matte silicone and glass toys beautifully. With the smallest of the collection being a tiny bit larger than most human fingers, and the largest being of above-average penis size ( 7 inches in length & 1.5 in width ), going through this collection should leave you ready to tackle almost any situation in this world throws at you.

If You want to get kinky – a butt plug – kit

A butt plug kit is a perfect way to become a better bottom. Successively larger anal plugs let you take on more and more. . . pleasure. Just check out the lovely ladyboy Snapchat accounts for very inspiring content featuring these particular toys.

If you’re into anal toys this is a wonderful collection. Large, black, and ready to be lubed up, these bad boys are the perfect tool to expand your horizons. You just have to be daring enough. But for those who are brave enough go slow, start small and work yo8ur way up and be sure to use lots of lubricants.

You know you can use a wedge

A wedge is made of supportive foam that can help you and your partner better and more comfortably reach each other's holes and hot spots.  Oh, and the best part? In most cases, the cover is machine-washable and zips right off. Easy clean-up.

It just provides that angle that you need to gain access to certain parts, it makes the whole play that much more fun and not to mention effective. 

You know about the Tenga egg – well we have something better…

The Pulse III Duo looks a bit like a purple tentacle from a cyberpunk video game. It is soft, relatively light, and easy to slip on. Like the Tenga Egg line, it is not gendered at all (advertising aside, as the website calls the Pulse III a “Guybrator”), and it can be used with or without lubricant. But the most interesting part about the Pulse III Duo isn’t its look. It’s the hardware underneath its surface.

It is important to point out that while many stroker-style toys rely only on vibration, the Pulse III Duo also uses an oscillating ‘PulsePlate’ to target these hot spots and can be used while being held in place or while stroking with the toy. The outside of the toy also vibrates, so it provides external stimulation if someone wanted to sit on the toy solo, or while it is being used on a shaft. There is a lot of shemale Snapchat accounts that have been promoting this particular toy, and you might want to get in on the cation. 

We hope that this provides you with loads of fun and inspiration to try new and exciting products that might be perfect for you and your partner. There is so much to explore, a whole market dedicated to trans and non-binary individuals who want to experiment.