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Afraid You have Missed Your Favorite T-Girls in Action? We Have the Latest Scoop!

We know that you just love what the porn industry is doing right now, honoring all the amazing T-girls and featuring them in so many productions. We are certainly happy about it.

There are so many things happening at the moment when transgender ornis concerned, just check out the hottest T-girl Snapchat usernames and you will see that there is no shortage of great content and announcements of future projects that we can look forward to.

But for now, let’s see what the latest and hottest news is related to the trans adult entertainment industry.

Allie Xandra is First Trans Performer on SeeHimFuck

This is huge, and oh so exciting. It is a definite first and must-see. Jason Leescott and trans performer Allie Xandra star in “See Him Fuck…A TGirl!” the first scene featuring a transsexual artist on the premium site

This is the first scene of this type on this website, but hopefully far from last as it is absolutely an amazing scene where both performers gave their absolute best. And, just to get you a bit more interested here is the synopsis according to AVN – “the scene features Leescott in the site's traditional long tease opener. Xandra enters and unleashes oil to make sure every inch of his body is slick before massaging, rimming, and jerking him. They then take turns going down on each other before Leescott takes Xandra's ass and bangs her hard”

And the 2020 AVN Transgender Performer of the Year goes to…

Well, it is the one and only Natalie Mars. She has given a fairly substantial interview to AVN and we are bringing you some excerpts – 

When commenting on the numbers of followers on social media (more than 416,000 on Twitter and 377,000-plus on Instagram) she had the following to say - “I’m just being myself. That’s all I’ve been doing—just being genuine to who I am. I’m doing the kind of things I want to do. I’m not trying to bow down to industry pressures to be a certain thing and follow a certain path. Over the last couple of years, I’ve shot for a few companies that have never shot trans girls before. And a lot of that was me reaching out and just asking if they would be willing to shoot me.”

When asked about how she felt being cast as the first trans performer in Angela White’s AVN Award-winning Angela Loves Women series, appearing opposite the three-time AVN Female Performer of the Year in Volume 5 last years Miss Mars had the following to say – 

“I was really honored to be included in that. I loved how it was a girl/girl DVD and she didn’t make a whole thing about me being trans. It was just another girl/girl scene and I thought that was really cool and really good for trans representation—not fetishizing the fact that I’m trans. Not making a big deal about it. It was just here’s another scene with a girl. She was amazing to work with. She’s so fucking nice and sweet. I really got along well with her. She just has an amazing kindness about her, which is unusual sometimes in the industry.”

We hope that you have enjoyed these few bits from an amazing interview with a stunning performer that is Natali Mars. You can go over to AVN for a more detailed version, or just check out her transgender Snapchat account

Have you seen Transfixion yet?

You can rest assured that when it comes to trans production Evil Angel ones are simply the best and the edgiest. After all, they do their work and get the best girls, and this time is no different. For this particular production endowed trans beauties engage in masturbation sessions and you will not be able to look away.

In this latest production director JD spotlights TS beauties engaged in masturbation intimacy, it is a new, fresh take and one that the audience is bound to enjoy. You will be happy to know that this particular production differs from the rest, for it JD toured Brazil, one of the world’s hot spots for T-girls, in search of the most impressive performers, and for Transfixion, he found plenty of them.

The fun part is that yes, his cast has all the feminine curves, however, the director placed emphasis on the "secrets" that panties can’t adequately conceal. And those are definitely not little. And just to inspire you a bit further, here is the synopsis issued by Evil Angel production company - Bruna Dior "whips out her she-cock for jacking, and she jams an extra-large dildo up her ass, thrusting in lust. Bruna pumps a voluminous load over her chest, and she swallows her juice. Buxom Sabrina Susuki shakes her formidable derriere in a revealing net dress. She spreads her chunky cheeks for the camera while stroking her jaw-dropping, freakishly massive boner. “

And that is just the tip of the very large iceberg, the rest is up to you to discover.

We will end this newsreel with a very fresh piece of information - the Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network has revealed the top 10 trans stars for the third quarter of 2020. Yes, the list is here, and get ready to be inspired. So, topping the list is the young and hot rising star - Ella Hollywood.

Hot on her trail are some familiar names and some that are just coming up in the world of trans adult entertainment. So, we have Casey Kisses, Chelsea Marie, Aubrey Kate, and Korra Del Rio. For the rest you’ll need to check out the list, we are sure that it won’t be a hard thing to do, especially since it features a lot of great pics of the hot starlets. 

This is where we leave you, enjoy the information we have so carefully collected. It was after all a labor of love and check back with ShemaleDiscover for more interesting and engaging content fresh off the press.