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Being Trans in Porn – Let’s Let the Girls Speak

By now you have a favorite shemale pornstars. These ladies are becoming more and more popular. We all want to get more of them both on-screen and via social media. More and more people are looking for shemale Snapchat accounts so that they can get an additional glimpse of their favorite shemale and tranny pornstars.

But what is it really like being trans in porn? There is no question that it is one of the most popular niches in the adult entertainment industry, but we wanted to hear from the ladies themselves. 

Holly Parker opens up about life, porn, and being trans

Holly Parker is one of the biggest names in trans porn, she has achieved a great deal behind the camera, but it’s her voice as an advocate for the porn industry and the trans community where she really shines. And she has become a leading voice for trans health care.

Let’s find out a bit more about this lady. 

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Holly Parker has always been aware of her true gender identity, in her own words

I have always known I was trans. Recently in San Francisco, I was with my mother for my gender reassignment surgery. We were being interviewed by BBC for a documentary on gender, and my mom and I discussed many things including random memories from my childhood. I’m talking about when I realized I was trans, which I, unfortunately, did not have that word for back then because of lack of education on gender. I thought I was a normal girl and the memories I have just so happen to be from around two years old that I begin remembering. I didn’t even think I would have consciousness at that point haha that is enough for me, personally, so now I have been female all of my life, or a more general term, trans…

My family knew me before I came out as trans and continue to know me and want to know me now. They remember how miserable and sad I was and for years no one knew what to do. Now that I am me and only become more of me each day, they see how happy I am and have been since I’ve transitioned”.

Her start in porn was better than she anticipated - her porn debut was an instant hit among fans and porn critics; so much so that she was named as Grooby Girls’ “Model of the Month” in September 2014. Since then Holly Parker has filmed many sizzling solo scenes for Grooby Girls.

Holly has been a trailblazer for a lot of trans girls and a very vocal activist for trans rights in the adult entertainment industry. When asked about the claim that trans women are being exploited as sex workers, she provided the following answer – “Well, all women in porn are exploited as sex workers, we have sex for money. Is it anyone’s business, other than the government at this point, to know how we make our money, pay our bills, feed our children and stay alive like the next privileged American? Most of us (Trans*) Women exploit ourselves as sex workers all day, every day. It is our livelihood. Porn is the ultimate advertising for sex work. There is nothing wrong with that. If it is done right, everyone is safe and making money.

Daisy Taylor – The Trending Trans Pornstar

Daisy Taylor is a stunning porn star, camgirl, and model who took the adult film industry by storm when she made her debut in late 2018. In this short space of time, Daisy was named as Grooby Girls’ “Model of the Month” for December 2018 and she won the coveted “Fan Choice Award” accolade at the 2019 Transgender Erotica Awards.

When asked about her start in porn she had the following to share – “I’ve always been more of a sexual person. People in high school used to tell me that I oozed sex appeal and I never really understood what that meant. At the time I had just quit my job and my ex had lost theirs. We were both desperate and had, at that point, tried every other option. So, our last option was to see if we could be successful at making our own erotic videos.”

Of course, her success is unquestionable, but it doesn’t mean that everything was smooth sailing.  Yes, she had received a raving endorsement from Grooby representatives – “Every so often a model comes along who has that something special, the “wow factor,” and Daisy Taylor definitely has that in spades and is going to skyrocket to fame as she makes her Grooby Girls debut with a set that is turning a lot of heads! It’s easy to see why Daisy was named December’s Grooby Girls Model of the Month with her drop-dead gorgeous looks featuring a lush mane of chestnut-colored hair, an absolutely angelic face, a killer ass, voluptuous breasts, and a truly magnificent Tgirl cock! After stripping off her skimpy outfit to reveal her luscious body, Daisy gets busy stroking her meaty Tgirl cock as she builds up to a satisfying orgasm and cums just for you! Daisy is a natural in front of the camera and knows all the right moves to show off every inch of her beautiful body, so stay tuned for a lot more from this sexy lady!”.

But when asked about her opinion on the adult entertainment industry she shared the following – “I wish that we could genuinely hold people accountable for their actions. As opposed to, slapping them on the wrists and letting them continue to get work. I also wish that instead of going with stereotypes because they’re already popular, we should breaking those stereotypes. Now, more than ever, people want to be represented and the industry will not have longevity if it doesn’t move with the people.”

We hope that this gives you a better insight into the world of trans porn and how it affects the performers. In most cases, a lot of it is about the perspective.