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Being Trans in Porn – T-Girls Tell Their Stories

Let’s be very clear before there was Laverne Cox or Caitlyn Jenner, transgender women have quietly enjoyed moderate success in the porn industry for many years. 

These performers have a unique view of what it means to be transgender. They — particularly those who are millennials and newer to the industry — are shaping the conversation around the language used to refer to transgender people, in porn, and beyond.

It is inspiring to hear what they have to say about their personal experiences, so in this article, we have included two amazing ladies who were able to climb to the top of the adult entertainment industry and are commanding social media following that numbers in millions.

Fist on the list is the stunning and brave Danni Daniels

Yes, we know that you have heard of her. After all, she is one of the biggest names in the adult entertainment industry when it comes to trans inspired porn productions. What sets her apart from other trans stars is that, while many trans porn stars fit into a more heteronormative gender representation, Danni Daniels stands over six feet tall, sports an androgynous shaved side part, and is covered in tattoos. She likes that look and is very comfortable. Not to mention that the industry is wild about her nine-inch-dick.

In an interview that Danni gave recently, the following statements stood out - first of all, an interesting observation that Danni has managed to shape a career in which she has complete control. This seems almost impossible, especially if you are familiar with the inner workings of the current adult entertainment industry. Especially because, even today, in porn, trans women are underpaid and often pushed to participate in intense and violent sex acts in order to maintain an audience.

Her approach to porn and how she benefited from it is truly unique – “I used porn as a way to discover my sexuality and where I fell on the spectrum. I've always been a sexual person, but the adult film industry really helped me clarify what I wanted in life.

What sets her apart is her approach to the business - first of all - she made a very conscious choice not to focus on the mainstream.  Second, Danni has never been penetrated on film. Interestingly enough, this has only made her more popular.

Miss Daniels had the following to say about her beginnings in the adult entertainment industry – “When I was 16 or 17, I started doing modeling, editorial stuff. I was in Vogue and a lot of big fashion magazines, but then I started getting tattooed and transitioning, and both those things were conflicting with my modeling agency. I was gaining weight, and my agency was saying, ‘You're getting fat, you're getting too alternative, we can't book you for this.’ When you're on transitional hormones, you're on enough hormones for a pregnant woman with twins. Because of that, I was starving all the time and pissed off. For someone to tell me to stop eating so much, it was like, ‘If you get between me and my food, I will kill you.’ So, I left. A strong and determined personality that knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to state it openly.

Madison Montag - an icon

Well, we know that you know this lady from a massive scandal that mentions the Kardashian name. Well, in a Vice interview that she recently gave - “Montag remembers the time she stepped away from on-screen performances to become the first legally licensed transgender prostitute in the country at Dennis Hof's Love Ranch. According to reports and Montag's own account, she was working at the ranch when Lamar Odom overdosed. He had come to the Love Ranch to meet Montag, but he ended up with two other girls. Shaken by the events, Montag wrote in an open letter to the Kardashian family that she "felt responsible" for what happened because "she would have never provided Lamar with drugs." This event propelled her career even further, and she became a scorching commodity, although, to this day, she is very reluctant to discuss this topic.

But this is not how she needs to be thought of, as Madison Montag is a true industry leader and an unbelievably talented pornstar. Why, in 2012, her first year in the industry, she was in the running for Adult Video Network's (AVN) Transsexual Performer of the Year. At 19, she became the youngest porn star to be nominated for the award, which she counts as "a big accomplishment." This lady is genuinely stunning.

When asked about her beginnings in the porn industry, she had the following to say – “I had a friend that got a girl a shoot with [the transgender porn production company] Grooby. I was already pondering porn at this point, so I asked him to help me get a shoot. He sent my pictures and my info to one of the webmasters there and [they booked me]. The next thing I knew, I was heading to Austin to do my first porn shoot. I was nervous but still confident I could perform.” Not only did she perform, but she has had some of the most memorable performances in the adult entertainment industry, within the trans niche and outside of it.

Let’s be clear about one thing - Shemale Snapchat accounts are one of the best ones to follow, and we are just now seeing an increase in fandom. Hopefully, this trend will continue in years to come. But more importantly, ladies like Madison Montag and Dani Daniels will inspire the new generations to be braver and to stand up for themselves and to protect their interests. Both of these amazing women were able to change the game, set their own rules, and still finish on top. They are paving the path for more and more amazing trans pornstars who are, without a doubt, going to be the next adult industries “IT” girls.