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Dating a Trans Lady - Some Useful Non- Porn Tips

First thing’s first, dating a transgender lady is just like dating anyone else, you should not assume that the rules of engagement are any different, and the relationship dynamics also remains unchanged. 

So, if you opt to go on a date with a T-Girl you should not expect something new and unknown. Nor should you be completely going off what you see ion porn websites. The best option is to check some transgender Snapchat usernames, where apart from some great and hot content you will also get a glimpse into the daily lives of these ladies. That will provide you with a far better insight before you go on the first date. 

You should also be prepared that there are some little things that you can get to know, just so you are fully prepared for this kind of relationship.

Let’s start with some basics

If you haven’t been around trans ladies before, and especially if you haven’t dated a shemale, you need to spend some time learning more about this community. When it comes to transsexual dating you need to understand that your date is not your source of information. 

This means you should not spend the evening asking questions about what’s it like to be a trans girl and what is the cause behind the desire to make such an important transformation and life change. That way you won’t get an eye-roll and a polite explanation that you should have googled these things before getting together. In addition, you should not go off the way trans ladies are presented and what their preferred dynamic is. That can lead to a very uncomfortable conversation. 

Make sure you get the pronoun right

This is common courtesy and a show of respect. When you meet up, politely ask your T-girl which pronoun they prefer. Do not assume based on the looks, and also make sure that your date is comfortable before with the interaction before proceeding. 

Remember, you should not try to mix politics into this, as there has been a lot of debate regarding the use of pronouns. The only thing you need to focus on is the person sitting opposite you and what their needs are. That way you will show them that you are putting them first and that you care about them. 

You do need to be a bit more understanding

Due to the medical condition that is behind that feeling that your body does not match your gender a lot of trans people suffer from body dysphoria which is an inherent discomfort with certain parts of their body, in most cases, it is connected with their primary and secondary sex characteristics. This means that they might feel uncomfortable if you touch certain parts of their body. 

For example, a trans man may be extremely uncomfortable with your touching his chest while a trans woman who has not yet undergone full transition might feel uncomfortable if you focus on her genital area. It is simply because that part feels foreign to them as if that is not a part of who they really are. So, it is important to be patient with your date and let them dictate the tempo and tell you what it is they do and don’t like when it comes to physical interaction.

Again, a great source of information, believe it or not, are shemale Snapchat usernames. On those accounts, you get to be up close and personal with a lot of adult entertainers and models who are trans. They are much more themselves and comfortable interacting, and you will get to learn way more than you can from media or porn websites. 

Make sure you don’t focus on the trans part of your date

Your date is a lot more than a trans lady, and you should see them as more. This means that you need to focus on the conversations, finding out things you have in common, and seeing if there is chemistry between you two. At the end of the day, it is the person you are interested in and not just the looks. This will make the whole date a lot more relaxed and comfortable, and who knows you might even end up finding the person with whom you would like to spend your life.

Yes, there is an elephant in the room, but there shouldn’t be one. You know who you are going on a date with, and the person opposite you has been open and truthful. All that is left is to enjoy the evening and see where it leads. 

Remember, your date is not the only one being judged

Sadly, we still don\t live in a very accepting society, and that is something a trans lady knows all too well, they are faced with bigotry and ignorance on a daily basis. But you are not. This is something that might change once you go out with a trans person, and it is something you need to be prepared for. 

You should also have a chat with your family before introducing them to the person you are dating so as to avoid any uncomfortable situations. It is often the people closest to us whose opinion on this particular topic might surprise us. So before exposing your date to that, you should make sure that the situation is comfortable enough.

There are a lot of things that you can take into consideration when you decide to date a transgender person, but the fact of the matter is, in the end, it all comes down to whether or not you like someone. That is all that should matter and if you find the person you see yourself getting old with, have fun in the bedroom with and build a life with whether they are trans or not should not matter the slightest. But we will remind you, what you see in the media, even in the adult entertainment industry is not the reality, so it is best to go into this without any major expectations. That way it will be a lot more relaxing and way more fun.