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Impact Play – Common Trend in Shemale Porn

If you have considered introducing whipping, flogging, or paddling into your bedroom, you have indeed been introduced to impact play. These types of activities are closely related to BDSM practices and are often used as a very effective means of achieving pleasure. 

An interesting piece of information is that impact play is very common one of the main kinks present in transgender porn. And if you check out some TS Snapchat usernames you will see that the content shared often includes just that. In addition, if that is your personal preference you will be glad to get some new inspiration and ideas from the shared content.

Now, we suggest that you continue reading if you want to find more about whipping along with some other interesting aspects of this sexual practice.  

How are the roles divided?

Like with other BDSM practices the roles in impact play are clearly stated, you have subs and doms. Subs are the ones who derive pleasure from being whipped, flogged, or paddled, while doms like the effect wielding this type of power has on them. Of course, some people prefer the fact that these roles can be interchangeable, it all depends on the agreement you make with your partner in crime. It is important to be clear on what you are expected to do when you take on a certain role. 

If you prefer being a sub, you need to be able to take orders, do as you are told, and in some cases beg for a specific kind of sexual release that relates to the impact play. You are bound to have seen some amazing scenes with Chanel Santini as a sub or Ts Vaniity as a dom so you know what we are talking about. Of course, be aware that this sex practice is not meant to cause you discomfort or actual injury, it serves the purpose of providing pleasure through carefully delivered small amounts of pain. And to achieve this the role of dominant needs to be taken by someone who has a bit of experience in this particular play. 

This includes knowing the right amount of strength you need to apply so that the blows are effective and pleasurable. Also being familiar with the human anatomy so that you know which parts can sustain the blows and provide the much-needed pleasure without causing any kind of unwanted injury to the sub.

The artfulness of impact play

Yes, we could call it an art form. You need to be very skilled with a whip or a plank to be able to cause the much-desired pleasure to your partner. And not only that, reading body language and being highly intuitive is also a must for this type of sex practice to truly be effective. It is no surprise that trans girls got as good at it as they are very emotional and sensitive and in tune with both their sides. They know male anatomy perfectly and are as familiar with the female so that makes them perfect to control the situation and use just the right amount of impact play to make shemale porn featuring it just perfect. 

The first step is getting to know your partner and the level of strength you need to apply to provide them with just the right amount of pleasure. The best way is to start slow, with a bit of spanking, and then move on to whips and paddles. You can gradually increase the intensity of blows, paying close attention to how the sub is responding if they are arching their back and moving towards the blows. 

This means that there is a clear positive effect, but just in case check whether you are hurting them and adjust accordingly. Each move needs to be controlled so as not to cause any harm. It is also important for a dom to stay cool-headed throughout the entire process, because if you lose control then you might end up hurting the sub without even realizing it. Of course, a safe word needs to be agreed upon so that it can be used if things stop being pleasurable for both sides.

Watch porn and communicate

Just like with any other BDSM practice being able to talk openly about what you want to experience is essential for this type of interaction to occur. There needs to be a lot of trust and understanding between partners so that one of you can even consider relinquishing control completely. 

It is also important to discuss each and every aspect of the play, from the sex toys you want to use, to the impact strength and safe word.  You can decide to watch shemale porn together and see what your partner finds most agreeable. And if both of you are comfortable in both roles it just means a lot more fun. 

There needs to be a pre-arranged setting that you are both comfortable in so that you are relaxed enough to truly and utterly enjoy this sex practice. Finally, be patient, if you are new to impact play, it will take a bit of time to get the roles and the technique right. But in time, as you get to know each other and your body and pleasure zones, it is bound to make your sex life far more interesting.

So, are you ready to reap the benefits of impact play and introducing it into your bedroom? We believe so, just take things slowly one step of the time and make sure that you and your partner have reached an understanding regarding roles, toys, and types of interactions. That way you will both be comfortable enough to enjoy the experience to the fullest. 

And just remember, make sure you follow the perfect T-girls on Snapchat so that you can get not just the right inspiration but also the perfect content to help you introduce this type of sex play into your relationship. After all watching porn is both pleasurable and a great learning curb.