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Meet the Femboys – You Know You Want to

You have definitely noticed the femboy Snapchat usernames on ShemaleDiscover, but have you explored it properly? The one thing we have realized, based on often posted questions regarding this category that not everyone is informed about who the femboys in the adult entertainment industry terms are.

So in order to provide you with some great answers and to help you get to know this subgroup a bit better - we have decided to dedicate a whole article to them and to bring a specific niche closer to you and others who are interested in learning something new and experimenting with different types of content.

First, who are femboys?

A femboy is a person, typically under the age of 30 years, who is biologically male. However, this person will often present himself in a very feminine manner. This behavior may be exhibited part of the time or all of the time. Femboys are not to be confused with ladyboys, who are a type of Asian male to female transsexual.

Femboys are also different from cross-dressers. Despite being feminine, femboys do not necessarily wear clothing designed for females, but this is very common. The fact that one is a femboy says nothing about one’s sexuality. Femboys may be straight, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, or of any other sexuality. It is also not necessarily indicative of one’s gender identity. They may still identify as male, or he may wish to be identified as female, it is common for them to be bigender.

Does the definition change when it comes to the adult entertainment industry?

The slang term “femboy” originated in the 1990s. It originated as a derogatory term to describe boys or males who were inherently masculine with more feminine qualities or who present themselves in a more feminine manner for non-sexual purposes.

By 2013, the popularity of this term had grown and had become a popular search on many porn sites, leading to their own category on most sites. After its popularity as a term had grown, the phrase was adopted by the LGBTQ+ community and changed to “femboi” to represent young boys with the characteristics previously mentioned. The good news is that the term itself s no longer considered derogatory. And yes, porn has helped change that significantly.

What can you expect to see when it comes to their activity?

Now we know you are interested in where you can find these great pornstars and which productions should you be focusing on. Don’t fret, we have got you covered. First check out femboy Snapchat usernames right here on ShemaleDiscover, we know that the content shared by femboy pornstars on Snapchat is definitely worth your time and your interest. 

Next, here are some femboy pornstars for you to meet –


Lorena Eduarda – is a gorgeous newbie who is perfect for the ones who prefer more natural TS. She is in her initial moment of transformation then everything is very new for her. Lorena Eduarda is really enjoying this new moment of her life and wants to share this feeling with some lucky fans. She is still very timid and her porn videos reflect that, however, as she gets acquainted with the industry we are sure that this lovely lady will open up and get all the roles because it is very evident that she doesn’t lack talent. 

MIRAN - From Nagoya, Japan, to Hollywood, California, everyone can’t stop talking about international porn star Miran! Within just two short years this ultra-feminine trans performer has skyrocketed to adult film superstardom due to her performances within Grooby‘s best-selling TGirl Japan DVD series. Miran has one of the most devoted fan followings in Japan, the United States, and across the globe. Despite living in Japan, Miran continues to collaborate on a wide range of international adult film productions and remains a frequent feature at the annual Transgender Erotica Awards.

Nelly Taylor - This Mexican beauty is definitely taking over the industry. Nelly Taylor is a gorgeous femboy who just radiates from the screen. Not to mention that the skills are there, and she knows exactly what she needs to do. This lady has a gorgeous butterfly tattoo on her lower belly that you should watch for when seeing her in action for the first time. Whichever production you choose that included Miss Nelly you won’t be disappointed, not even the slightest. 

Interested yet?

If you are still uncertain here is some additional interesting information that you might be interested in.

The femboy trend has taken over other platforms as well. Currently, TikTok is flooded with femboys. Look through the #femboy hashtag and you’ll find hundreds of young men wearing nail varnish, twirling in skirts, crop-tops, and dresses, and generally just being really wholesome, Non-Threatening Boys. Although the term femboy has been circulating cyberspace for a couple of decades – mainly found on Reddit forums – it’s been freshly adapted by young men on TikTok wanting to redefine what it means to be a man in today’s world.

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These gorgeous guys, ladies depending on the preference are awaiting your call. You can always hit them up through social media platforms like Snapchat where they love interacting with their fans and even answering DM that you might be interested in posting. Have fun exploring and make sure that you check out their Snapchat usernames when alone, content is definitely very enticing to say the least.