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Sex Games - Introducing Something New

From time to time we want to spice up our love life and try out new and exciting options. So why don't we? Well, in most cases the problem is how to tell our significant other what it is we want to try out, or if we are single then finding someone to engage with on a purely physical level. 

There are a lot of options out there from great content on shemale Snapchat accounts, to specific porn platforms that cater to our exact needs, the key is discovering what works best for you and then figuring out how to implement it in your love life. Whether you discover you are a fan of trans girl dating or you want to explore the BDSM options the key is deciding which ones you are most comfortable with and finding someone who wants to try them out with you.

Get your bondage on ladies

With bondage, there are a lot of options for experimentation. You can start slowly with some silk scarves and see whether or not it has the desired effect on you. First opt for wrist bondage, as it is the easiest to do and the least intrusive. Then, if you find out it is something you can enjoy, it is time for some further experimentation regarding both bondage and sex games related to it. There are different bondage techniques to be used in sex, one of the most popular being kinbaku, the Japanese art of bondage used in sex games. The word itself means tight binding, and the process itself could be quite fun to explore. For some additional inspiration, you can check out the very hot Japanese trans pornstar Miran.

The key is to use Japanese silk rope to avoid rope burns on your skin. It might take some time to master the technique, but it is worth it. Finally, when you are relaxed enough, and you have built up sufficient trust with your partner you might consider trying spreader bars for additional effect.

All the toys in the world

Well, you probably know a bit about it, but it is high time to improve on it substantially. The selection is vast, and it is not always easy to choose the ones that will provide you with the most pleasure. Beads are always a great way to start things off, there is a great selection and you can decide on the sizes and shapes as you go along. They are easy to implement and have a great effect on your sex life.

 Next on the menu should be a dildo. There is a great selection on the market from the real ones to those specifically designed for stimulating, well, all the spots. The key is deciding how you want to use it, and what your partner is the most comfortable with. And how far are they willing to go. Remember, you can always introduce them to some trans Snapchat content to get them more comfortable with the available options. We are sure that they will not mind. 

Finally, we get to the vibrators, which were for a long time thought to be used by single ladies for their pleasure. However, more and more couples are introducing them into their sex play as they can be a great way of controlling your partner’s pleasure levels.

Now we get to the good stuff - role playing

Ah yes, this can be such fun if done properly. And let’s be honest who is better at this than the amazing trans ladies. Now, keep in mind that role play is not all about costumes. They do make it a lot more fun, but they are not essential for quality role-playing. What is important is your ability to verbalize not only what you want but to do it character. It is harder than it seems since a lot of us are not used to verbalizing our sex desires, however, it can be quite liberating once you start. 

In a way, just wearing a face mask can help you to open up and be more direct regarding your personal preferences, and then, as you go along, you can introduce other elements into this particular practice. From different locations to various scenarios you would like to see played out. There are a lot of options for you to discover, as long as both you and your partner are open to experimentation.

 So, are we ready to have some fun in the bedroom? With all the options listed above, there is little left to the imagination. And if so far you have only thought about implementing some of the techniques it is high time you do, you might be surprised by the positive effect they can have on your love life.

 The stigma that shrouds the sex game talks often prevents us from being open with our partners when it comes to our most inner desires, but if we don’t vocalize them we might end up sexually frustrated which, in return can have a negative effect on our entire relationship. So what are you waiting for, let the games begin!