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Shemale Superstars – Who to Check out in 2021?

During 2020 some trans and shemale pornstars have climbed to the very top of the industry, and it is not so hard to understand why.

Once you check their transsexual Snapchat accounts and see them in some of the latest productions it all becomes very clear. 

So, let’s meet the ladies!

The British Hottie - Joanna Jet

This lady has achieved landmark successes that have paved the way for aspiring trans performers, producers, and directors to forge thriving careers in the adult film industry.

The fact of the matter is that the porn industry will be forever grateful for Joanna Jet and her work in bringing trans and shemale porn to a more mainstream place and changing the look of the industry for good. In one of her old AVN interviews, Joanna Jet discussed the process of shooting Tranny and Susannah and the impact it had when it came to establishing her status as a credible trans performer in the United Kingdom –

What made it work was it was basically me working with girls, and a transsexual with girls is acceptable to a mainstream audience, and that in itself was a trial by fire, because one of the things I had no experience of was shooting soft-core…I shot a soft version and a hard version, and I basically hired what I thought were some of the best producers and camera people in the UK with experience in that department, and they fucked it up in a major way, and I spent two months editing out all the problems until eventually it was approved by Playboy. So, although it was very lucrative in the beginning, by the time I spent two months editing it, it was no longer a lucrative project, but it managed to break down a lot of barriers and got myself accepted in the UK

Hotness herself - Kendra Sinclaire

When it comes to multi-talented TS pornstars, Kendra Sinclaire stands out from all the rest, actually, it is no contest.  This lady is a popular TS porn star, fetish performer, and webcam model, and that’s not all. Kendra is also a highly talented producer, photographer and editor. And she is responsible for managing the entire content on her website. So, you can be certain that her Snapchat account is something to behold. 

According to the darling lady herself - “I am a very open person who is down to do almost anything. I love to fulfill the kinkiest desires in private shows. If you have something kinky or you need a dominant girl with a big cock to control and humiliate you, please take me into a private session and we will be sure to fulfill those desires. My standard show consists of a lot of dancing and teasing with my sexy body, pounding my asshole with dildos, jerking and cumming. Every once in a while, I may have a straight or ts friend on cam playing with me”.

The ever stylish - Yasmin Lee

This amazing woman is of mixed heritage she is Thai, Cambodian, Chinese, and Brazilian, in one word hot. Yasmin Lee has twice been nominated for an AVN Award for her work in transgender pornography and is one of the most recognized faces in transgender porn movies and videos. 

This is what the lovely lady had to say about herself - “There are so many life-changing moments in my life but I would say the most dramatic chapter might be my birth. If only I’m a writer. My birth name is Kosal, meaning to bless or one who blesses. It’s a unisex name...For the first time, my mom and dad didn’t know what my sex will be at birth. They must have had clear dreams to guide them with the 7 siblings before me. Anyhow, my mom, along with my father, 6 sisters, and brother, decided to escape from the concentration work camp in Cambodia. She was 7 months pregnant with me. I was birthed while in hiding in the deep jungle. My family told me bullets were flying, along with the white noise of chaos. It was a rainy night and my sisters gathered around holding banana leaves to help shelter my mom from the rain. Not many can say that their whole family helped to deliver them. One hour after the delivery, she got herself up and we kept on moving…She refused to let anyone help carry me. She couldn’t trust anyone. It’s not uncommon to kill the baby when in hiding for the sake of the whole family or fellow runaways. I was told that I was a good baby just as much as luck as I don’t make noise. The one time that I cried was when we sat on fire ants and they were biting me all over”.

Kayleigh Coxx

Kayleigh Coxx is one of the most sought-after adult industry stars and has made sure her followers get the best of what she has to offer. This is partly why the photos and videos she posts are very original and direct, and precisely why you don’t want to miss out on any of them.

When asked about her transition and knowing who she really was Miss Coxx had the following to say - “My earliest memory of being transgender was trying on girl’s clothes when I was like in preschool maybe 3-5years old? My family is… different. I have two much older siblings almost 20 yrs older and then a 3yr older brother. All males. Maybe it was only natural when it turned out I wasn’t a boy in gender. I had a kind of stereotypical childhood. Always battling with acceptance and the confidence to come out as transgender throughout. I always had mostly girl friends growing up, a few friends knew about me being trans and spread the rumors and such and I was made fun of, etc. I’m 25, so back 10 years ago when I was younger the atmosphere and acceptance for coming out as trans were much different today. It led me to be closeted until really about 22 years old. I had finally reached the point I decided that I no longer cared about anyone’s negative opinion of myself being trans and so I got the help I needed and about a year and a half later I got on hormones. I’ve been on hormones for about a year and a half now”.

We hope that you will ensure that you follow these ladies throughout 2021 whether in their porn productions or their regularly updated Snapchat Accounts.