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The Rise and Rise of Shemale Pornstars

There is something rather special about trans pornstars. And the industry has taken notice. So, for several years now we get to see gorgeous trans ladies in action in more and more high-quality productions.

The fans are the ones that got these ladies to be noticed, just look at the amazing following on shemale Snapchat accounts, it numbers millions. And the best part is that these ladies are more than grateful, they regularly share amazing content and interact with their fans on an almost daily basis. 

But when did it all start, let’s learn about the rise and rise of shemale pornstars – 

A bit of history

We definitely want to know how it all started and what these ladies had to go through to reach the top. According to Kristel Penn, marketing and editorial director at Grooby – “Trans pornography has always been a small segment of the overall porn industry in America. It has a minute market share in the adult industry overall —but it’s always been popular within that niche. Viewership for the genre has increased steadily since the 1990s and exploded in the past half-decade. Searches for the word transgender have gone up by nearly 300 percent over the past three years on Pornhub alone, according to research the company compiled specifically for this article. And trans porn is bankable. In 2015, Adam Grayson of production company Evil Empire told IBT that trans porn was his most popular genre. “In terms of revenue per scene or movie? Hands down, without a question,” he said. “Nothing even touches it. And we sell it at a price premium…because we can get it.” Fans of trans erotica are extremely loyal, as there’s relatively little content available to them that fills their needs.”

An interesting fact - Data from RedTube, a pornographic video hosting site, indicated that as of 2016 and based on the frequency of online searches trans porn was most popular in Brazil, Italy, Argentina, Russia, and Spain; the United States ranked at 12th place and within the US trans porn searches were most common in Wyoming. In addition, a spokesman for Evil Angel, a US porn production company, was quoted in 2015 as saying trans porn was the company's most profitable category, commanding premiums of about 20% more than other genres or scenes. Oh, how the times have changed.

However, the past should not be forgotten - despite the money that trans performers have made for producers, their work has been only seen through reductive stereotypes and predictable, often offensively nonrepresentative scenes for decades. The sad truth is that models had long been at the mercy of producers and marketers more concerned with making money off of them than representing performers with dignity—part of the reason it’s been such a long, slow climb to respectability. But now they are here and here to stay. 

So, what are we seeing now?

Well, the rise and rise of trans pornstars of course. There is little doubt in that, especially if you add up the numbers. But what is even more important is the fact that the productions and scripts keep getting more and more versatile and we see trans girls crossing over to all kinds of different porn genres. 

Now, this is not to say that the discrimination is still not present, for some ladies it is still a struggle, but one they are winning with their heads held up high and with a lot of dignity. 

For example, Chelsea Poe in one of her interviews had the following to say about the current situation in the adult entertainment industry – “We're getting more visibility than ever, but it's been one of the most violent years for trans women. I don't want trans women to be a niche. I want trans women to be in lesbian porn. I want trans women to be in straight porn. I want trans women to be treated just like any other women in porn.”

When asked about derogatory terms in the industry, she had the following to say – “I still have friends who are being attacked and killed and having those same words screamed at them while they're being murdered. So, when people say, "Oh those words just exist in porn," that's bulls*** because porn doesn't exist in a vacuum.”

Both Chelsie and her colleague TS Foxxy talked about being given Viagra in order to perform – “Foxxy recalled during her first 'hardcore' film, she was told to take Viagra because the estrogen she takes makes it difficult for her to stay erect. Chelsea said she also took medication for one of her first shoots, but it was a 'terrifying' experience because she was never told what it was. 'What ends up happening is a lot of trans women in porn have to go off hormones to perform,' she explained. 'And obviously doing that is super harmful to your body. It's like going through puberty again.'”

However, none of these things are preventing these stunning ladies from getting the best roles and the very much deserved publicity. We are so happy that we get to see them in action and to enjoy all the great trans productions offered at this point in time. 

This is where we are going to leave you. Feel free to check out our shemale Snapchat username list in order to connect with some of your favorite trans stars in the adult entertainment industry. There are a lot of new and rising pornstars to look for and if don’t have them on our lists right now, they will soon find their way there so that you can locate them and get your hand on the great content they tend to share with their fans.