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Top Reasons TS Girls are the Hottest Commodity in Porn Today

If we think about it, just a few years back shemale and trans porn was on the outskirt of the porn industry. They were considered taboo by all major production companies and it was hard getting a good role for these women. Not to mention that they were almost always typecast for specific roles without any real range. Luckily, thanks to some brave pioneers this has completely changed and trans pornstars are today in high demand.

You might be wondering what it is that changed, and why trans Snapchat accounts are bringing in the highest following when it comes to adult Snapchat accounts. The answer is simple, these 


Did you know that shemale porn is popular with straight men?

Many porn sites agree that good shemale content brings almost double the revenue compared to traditional porn. Straight men, in reality, watch the majority of this material, but women are no stranger to it either. This begs the question, why would ‘straight’ fellows be interested in shemale porn? When a man views shemale porn, what he sees is a woman with all the curves and breasts, but also a little bit of extra down there. This comes as no surprise; it is after all completely normal to experiment and fantasize.

In addition, it would be interesting to know that actual scientific research has been done when it comes to this phenomena - The term gynandromorphophilia is often used among psychologists to refer to men who are attracted to “feminized men”. When we say that these guys are into "feminized" men, what we mean by this is that they are attracted to men who physically possess both male and female physical characteristics. Thus, the sexual interests of gynandromorphophiles typically include either male-to-female transsexuals or male cross-dressers.

Let’s be clear – we all love to fantasize

You will find it interesting to know that that the whole idea of straight men consuming tranny porn more revolves around fetish. Many people, straight or gay, love something that’s considered taboo and is not all-around accepted. It gives it an air of mystery and intrigue. Straight men have sometimes fantasized about how it would be like to fuck a girl with a penis.

They see these ladies as beautiful unicorns, something new and different and oh so rare. That is evident by the sheer number of views and the statistical fact that most of them come from straight men. According to Pornhub – “Men are proportionately 63% more likely to search for transgender-related porn when compared to those visitors Google has identified as women. Interest in trans porn increases by age group, with visitors in the 18 to 24 age group being 31% less likely to search, whereas visitors over the age of 55 are 20% more likely to search when compared to all other age groups.”

A lot of trans ladies report that in their very openly T-girl Snapchat accounts most of the followers are men that declare themselves as straight and most of them DM them about hooking up in the real world. So, it is noticeable that this interest and fetish goes further than just watching shemale ad trans porn.


Trans ladies know men as well as they know themselves

You need to remember that trans ladies were men at some point, so they have an insider knowledge that is unmatched. They understand their needs and desires better than anyone and that tends to create a certain unspoken bond. Not to mention that their knowledge of the male anatomy is unparalleled, they know areas cis women have not dared explore. 

The calculation is simple shemale pornstars seem more likely to be passionate, and up for sex at all times in comparison to the ladies with a vagina. So that is something that is instantly attracted to men and they respond to this is a great way. They seem to be more outgoing, less demanding, and as someone who will be your gal and your bro. This transfers to screen straight away and the viewers just love it. It is the magic of shemale pornstars, they are just more accessible and thus more likable.

Trans ladies spend more time in front of the mirror and, let’s be honest, they usually have something impressive under the hood

If you check out trans ladies like Mia Maffia or Lena Kelly, you see gorgeous women who at the same time are quite hung, making them amazing at sex scenes and interactions. What is even more alluring is the fact that a significant number of these ladies are very much into different kinky niches of porn. So, nothing is off-limits, that is precisely why a lot of production houses are trying to sign them up.

Now, this might come as a shock to you, but according to several anonymous surveys - many straight guys have fantasized about being penetrated by the woman they love. You may find it strange, but it’s a popular thing. In case you didn’t know it, the number of nerve endings found in the entrance of the anus is the same as those found in the penis’ tip. Even thinking about it gives straight men some sexual satisfaction. And well a real thing is always better than a silicone one. This gives shemale pornstars an upper hand and well, let’s be honest - dick - when it comes to male satisfaction.

Venturing into the unknown can be quite thrilling 

All of the reasons mentioned above are very true, but there is one that is a bit stronger than the others. It is the rule of novelty in porn. We like to be surprised and to explore different paths. That is precisely why anything new and fresh in porn, in this case, trans porn is so well received. It is new and exciting, and anyone who is remotely curious will give it a try. 

We hope that you will also give trans porn a try, or at least, as an introduction check out TS Snapchat usernames of some of the gorgeous ladies currently active in the adult entertainment industry, there is little doubt that their content will inspire you.