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Top Trans Ladies from Around the World

We wanted to introduce you to a bit of exotic content, so we decided to treat you to a trip around the world T-Girl style. We are going to get to know a lot of very lovely ladies from different corners of the globe. They are all very hot, very friendly, and exceptionally skilled at what they do, that is precisely what we want you to get to know them a bit better.

Most of them you can find among our shemale Snapchat usernames and if you really like what to see, following them will be a breeze. After all Snapchat content that they share is always the best, it is non-scripted, raw, and meant to cater to the desires of their ever-horny fans. So, enough with the chit-chat let’s get to the introductions.

Coming to us from across the pond – Miss Joanna Jet

Yes, we knew that you would recognize the name. After all, she is the most successful Trans British pornstars to date. Joanna Jet has been inducted into the AVN Awards “Hall of Fame” (in 2015), that tells you a lot. But, more importantly, she has achieved landmark successes which have paved the way for aspiring trans performers, producers, and directors to forge thriving careers in the adult film industry.

Alongside her impressive porn performances, Joanna Jet is a highly accomplished director and producer who launched her own production companies in 2002 - Altered State Productions and Brazen Devil. There is no doubt that this lady has cemented her status as a porn business mogul by overseeing all aspects of her production companies; from managing the day-to-day administrative tasks of these organizations and running their online platforms, to filming and directing her own hardcore sex scenes.

The porn industry will be forever grateful for her work in bringing trans and shemale porn to a more mainstream place and changing the look of the industry for good. In one of her old AVN interviews, Joanna Jet discussed the process of shooting Tranny and Susannah and the impact it had when it came to establishing her status as a credible trans performer in the United Kingdom –

What made it work was it was basically me working with girls, and a transsexual with girls is acceptable to a mainstream audience, and that in itself was a trial by fire, because one of the things I had no experience of was shooting soft-core…I shot a soft version and a hard version, and I basically hired what I thought were some of the best producers and camera people in the UK with experience in that department, and they fucked it up in a major way, and I spent two months editing out all the problems until eventually it was approved by Playboy. So although it was very lucrative in the beginning, by the time I spent two months editing it, it was no longer a lucrative project, but it managed to break down a lot of barriers and got myself accepted in the UK

Let’s fly to Brazil and meet the lovely Bianca Reis

This is a beautiful busty Brazilian pornstar and model who made her industry debut in the summer of 2018. So she is still new to the industry, but certainly a fresh face you need to pay attention to. Many of Bianca Reis’s initial sex scenes were filmed for the popular porn site Dream Tranny. And if you know the site you know how high quality those productions can be, so just check out some of Bianca’s early work so that you get to know this lovely t-girl a bit better.

On her official Grooby profile, Bianca had the following to say about how she likes to spend her time –

 “I love the gym and going to dance clubs and spend so much of my time in both. My other passion in life is guys – and lots of them lol! I particularly adore having more than one take me at the same time. Life’s too short so let’s enjoy ;)”.

We suggest that you keep an eye on this particular hot beauty. She still doesn’t have a T-girl Snapchat username, but as soon as it happens, we will be the first to add it to our list. This Brazilian beauty is worth coming back to over and over again.

And let’s finish in Japan with the lovely Miran

This lady is coming to us from Nagoya, Japan. The reality is that no one can stop talking about international porn star Miran! Within just two short years this ultra-feminine trans performer has skyrocketed to adult film superstardom due to her performances within Grooby‘s best-selling TGirl Japan DVD series.

What we know to be a fact is that Miran has one of the most devoted fan followings in Japan, the United States, and across the globe. Despite living in Japan, Miran continues to collaborate on a wide range of international adult film productions and remains a frequent feature at the annual Transgender Erotica Awards.

This lovely lady has the following to say about her career taking off a few years ago -

 “I’m so happy I’ve come so far and I’ll keep working hard more and more…Thank you so much for all your support!


We hope that you have enjoyed our little trip around the globe and getting to know these lovely ladies. We will try to bring you a bit more exotica in the articles to come. It is always good to bring something new into our bedroom, keep the spark going and keeps us very much engaged.

If you have some ides as to which location, we should visit next feel free to comment, we are sure that there are hot trans pornstars all around the globe just waiting to be discovered. We will do our best to get to know them and their work a bit better. What can we say, we have a dedicated team and they do love their job. So, let’s see what they come up with next!