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Trans Ladies, You Just Have to Love Them

Trans Ladies, You Just Have to Love Them


You know it's true. They are just so amazing, and captivating and T-Girl Snapchat accounts have the most coveted content in the industry. We know that you love it, these ladies are becoming more and more popular. We all want to get more of them both on-screen and via social media. More and more people are looking for shemale Snapchat accounts so that they can get an additional glimpse of their favorite shemale and tranny pornstars.

We wanted to look a bit more into how and why and what has changed so much.

A trip down the memory lane…

It was hard for a long time to live your truth like a trans woman. A lot of judgment from society and even more from the inside because it was hard for these women to accept themselves because society and their loved ones simply wouldn’t. 

There are many factors that contributed to the change, but one of the biggest in recent times is Caitlyn Jenner coming out as it brought everything to the front pages and made the issue that much more important. The trans community is incredibly diverse. Some trans people identify as trans men or trans women, while others may describe themselves as non-binary, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, agender, bigender or other identities that reflect their personal experience. Some take hormones or have surgery as part of their transition, while others may change their pronouns or appearance.

How we see ourselves matters as it is how we want others to see and accept us. This is no different for trans ladies. They see themselves as gorgeous women and the only thing they want is for others to see them in the same way, without a but or actually anywhere in the vicinity. Hopefully, our society will get there eventually. Most developed countries have made great strides when it comes to this.

What has changed so far

Depends on who you ask, and what their story is like. In a Vice interview, Madison Montag remembers the time she stepped away from on-screen performances to become the first legally licensed transgender prostitute in the country at Dennis Hof's Love Ranch. According to reports, and Montag's own account, she was working at the ranch when Lamar Odom overdosed. He had come to the Love Ranch to meet Montag, but he ended up with two other girls. Shaken by the events Montag wrote in an open letter to the Kardashian family that she "felt responsible" for what happened because "she would have never provided Lamar with drugs." This event propelled her career even further, and she became a very hot commodity, although to this day she is very reluctant to discuss this topic.

Interestingly she is not the only one in the industry with a colorful back story and a scandal that has propelled her career. But she is certainly one of the biggest names currently being booked for productions. The common association of trans ladies with prostitution is simply creating a bad reputation for this community. Many women feel like that is the only way to go. And it is definitely not. Strangely enough, a lot of trans women got their empowerment from the porn industry, and the fact that trans porn has finally got to the mainstream of the adult entertainment industry. 

Some names to look out for

We hand-picked these gems to draw your attention to the diversity within the trans porn community.

The hot Brit - Miss Joanna Jet

The most successful Trans British pornstars to date. Joanna Jet has been inducted into the AVN Awards “Hall of Fame” (in 2015), that tells you a lot. But, more importantly, she has achieved landmark successes that have paved the way for aspiring trans performers, producers, and directors to forge thriving careers in the adult film industry.

In one of her old AVN interviews, Joanna Jet discussed the process of shooting Tranny and Susannah and the impact it had when it came to establishing her status as a credible trans performer in the United Kingdom – 

“What made it work as it was basically me working with girls, and a transsexual with girls is acceptable to a mainstream audience, and that in itself was a trial by fire, because one of the things I had no experience of was shooting soft-core…I shot a soft version and a hard version, and I basically hired what I thought were some of the best producers and camera people in the UK with experience in that department, and they fucked it up in a major way, and I spent two months editing out all the problems until eventually it was approved by Playboy. So although it was very lucrative in the beginning, by the time I spent two months editing it, it was no longer a lucrative project, but it managed to break down a lot of barriers and got myself accepted in the UK”

The ever lovely - Miss Yasmin Lee

This girl screams diversity at its finest, she is of mixed heritage she is Thai, Cambodian, Chinese, and Brazilian, one hot combo that you will not be able to take your eyes off. It is no wonder that Yasmin Lee has twice been nominated for an AVN Award for her work in transgender pornography and is one of the most recognized faces in transgender porn movies and videos.

Everyone wants to get her to act in their production and following her on social media platforms like Snapchat is a real treat. So why not get a piece of it yourself. Check out her Snapchat and get a glimpse of this very inspirational shemale porn star. You will not regret it.

We hope that now you love them even more, or at least understand them better. Sure there are a lot of top names, but check out the newcomers and more diverse backgrounds you will see a lot of amazing trans ladies in action and there will be no shortage of great content.