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Virtual Reality and the Trans Porn Industry

It is worth the mention, as more and more trans ladies are entering the world of VR porn. This is very much the case on their T-girl Snapchat accounts.

It might not seem that way, but more and more people are turning to VR porn during self-isolation for comfort from depression, anxiety, and frustration. It’s projected that virtual reality (VR) porn should be a $1 billion business by the year 2025. That’s third behind an expected $1.4 billion virtual reality video game market and $1.23 billion VR NFL-related content.

So, something that was just starting out in the porn industry is now slowly taking over. And we wanted to find out more about the multiple reasons behind it.

The changing landscape of trans porn

With everything changing in the world right now, it is no wonder that certain habits we have had are also augmented to suit the current “new normal. So yes, the pandemic has made a dent in the creation of new porn content but not on the need for porn. More people all over the world are watching porn videos, with PornHub seeing a significant increase in users on the site since March 10th 2020. Their latest coronavirus update showed there was a 13.7% jump in traffic compared to an average day on March 20th. This got even higher, a staggering 18.5% increase on March 24th. This is no surprise since that is when PornHub announced it would make premium services available to everyone free of charge in 2020.

Now, on to VR. The fact of the matter is that VR porn has been a growing category on PornHub for years, starting with 2016. But it is the self-isolation and the loneliness that accompanies it that has skyrocket it. For some, it is the only way to experience something close to human contact. As New York health officials put it: "you are your safest sex partner" right now. So that separates the people even further.

The acceptance and need for VR porn

Right now, the VR porn industry has a kind of wink-and-nod relationship with the rest of the VR industry. In fact, Oculus VR co-founder Palmer Luckey summed it up in this statement, wherein he criticized VR companies for their public treatment of VR pornography.

“It’s this very strange situation where if you talk privately to people who work at major VR companies and you say, ‘Hey, what do you think about VR porn?’ And they say, ‘Oh, I love VR porn!’” [Luckey] said at an industry event in Japan in September. “But then they go to a public panel at a game development conference, and they’ll get asked, ‘What do you think about VR porn?’ They say, ‘What is VR porn? I don’t know anything about that.’ 

The fact of the matter is that no matter what we think porn satisfies biological urges when couples aren't together. And given that not every couple is isolating together and that they now don’t know when they will see each other having the possibility to have a VR experience with the likes of TS Victoria or Ts Candice is not such a bad thing.

Yes, regular 2D porn alleviates boredom, it might not do much to make up for the lack of human interaction in your day. So, TS Snapchat accounts will help you feel connected to others, but they still cannot give you the full experience. Virtual reality porn, however, might be the next best thing.

Where can you get your fill of VR porn?

Well, according to Daniel Abramovich, the CEO, and co-founder of VR Bangers, they have seen a 30% growth in sales since the start of COVID- 19. Mr. Abramovich concluded the following - "VR Porn actually gives you the opportunity to get transferred into a different part of the world," he said. "We have experiences in the woods, in hair salons, hospitals, restaurants, other countries, you name it — pretty much places that people miss the most right now."

The reason for this is actually quite simple - "You're still able to get all the intimacy in VR Porn videos such as kissing, whispering in the ears, and all the other feelings that you get in real life and don't normally get in regular porn," and “As you might have seen people falling down while trying to lean on tables in VR, the same thing happens in VR porn — the brain reacts to the experience in an entirely different way."

With virtual sex, you can actually combine touch into the virtual experience – even if you’re groping a pair of silicone robot breasts. Thus, not only is virtual porn driving the industry, but they’re also bridging the gap between virtual and reality far better than anyone else. If they could create a device that erases the sense of shame you experience from having just made passionate love to a robot while wearing VR goggles, I think the case could be made that the future of VR is porn, and everything else is just filler content.

This is in fact why so many people are turning to this specific experience and why we are bound to see the rise in VR porn options in the near future. Already there are numerous platforms offering just this, and a lot of prominent pornstars are filming their first VR scenes as we write this. But, it is important to remember that no matter how powerful the experience is it is still a virtual reality, so as soon as this passes the smartest thing to do is to get the real deal.

It is interesting to observe the effect of the pandemic on how we consume porn in general. Live cams and searches for tranny Snapchat usernames have never been more popular. So, for now, keep your eyes open for the fresh VR content and let us know what your experience has been with it.