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Lesbian Snapchat Usernames

Check out snapchat accounts, snapcodes and usernames of popular lesbian celebrities and follow them today. Add different kinds of lesbian celebrities on Snapchat, we make it fast & easy!

Lesbian Snapchat Usernames

Let’s be honest, one of the ruling niches in porn has been Lesbian. Visited by both guys and girls this little genre is simply irresistible. So, it comes as no surprise that the ladies ruling it has the most coveted Snapchat accounts out there.

Porn Discover is very aware of that and it is the main reason why we sat down and created this very extensive list of Lesbian Snapchat usernames for you to go through. Not only does it contain some of the best-known names in the industry, like Asa Akira and Sophie Dee but also a lot of new and fresh faces that you might be interested in getting to know a bit better. So please browse through and add as many as you like to your Snapchat. Or you can stay a bit longer and leans a bit more about what makes this porn genre so special.

The magic that is lesbian porn

Fun fact - at the end of 2018, Pornhub released some fascinating statistics about what their visitors are looking for. You might find it fascinating to learn that Lesbian was, by far, the most-viewed category of the year. But there is something even more interesting than that - lesbian was the topmost popular porn category for female viewers, and for male-only fourth. For guys, it was outranked by Japanese, MILF, and Mature.  So, girls really do love their porn.

A fun fact about lesbian porn is that both genders find it educating. It helps girls and trans women get to know their bodies better and find out more about their own sexuality, preferences, and desires. And for men, it is a manual on how to pleasure a woman. Interesting isn’t it. Such a versatile use of porn. But who are we to complain?

There is another very interesting reason why you will see both gay and straight girls watching almost exclusively lesbian porn – it is the approach. So, while men tend to be visually stimulated and are eager to watch the good old in-out action, women are a bit different.  They are mostly turned on by touch, sensuality, intimacy, chemistry, and emotional connection. And let’s be honest these are not the main ingredients in your regular, everyday guy meets girl porn. In those cases, the lock eyes and the next thing you know, they’re already moaning and breathing heavily- a total non-sequitur. So, yes, it is quite clear why this is so but, versatility is always good, so you should definitely mix and match the genres you watch to change things up a bit.

Now, the question remains – Why Snapchat?

You can see that Porn Discover has quite a collection of Lesbian Snapchat usernames and we keep building it and updating it on a regular basis. But you might be wondering why you should use Snapchat as a social media platform to follow your favorite lesbian pornstars. Well, the answer is simple – free content.

Unlike Instagram or Facebook that are very strict when it comes to their guidelines and limited nudity, the Snapchat accounts of lesbian pornstars are very, very raw and inspiring. These ladies are very willing to please their fans and are not shy when it comes to their presentation. So apart from regular raw and unscripted content that will make your head spin, you can also expect a lot of interaction with the fans, wish fulfillments and some interesting behind-the-scenes content that you otherwise couldn’t get.

So yes, having the opportunity to follow your favorite lesbian pornstars on Snapchat is definitely inspiring. And you will need the privacy of you your own bedroom once you see the content they are sharing.

So, if you haven’t yet, we suggest you start exploring our very extensive list of lesbian Snapchat usernames and adding the ones you recognize but also the ones you might be interested in getting to know better. And keep in mind our Porn Discover team updates these lists of ours on a regular basis so if a name is missing come back later and you might find it. We want to make sure that you have all the access you want to these magnificent ladies and we are sure that their talent and charisma will do the rest. So please have fun and enjoy your happy ending!