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Get to Know Your Favorite Trans Stars Intimately

We know that you have questions, and we know that you are more than interested in what these ladies are up to in their spare time when they are not making our lives better and oh so interesting. Well, by now you have checked the transsexual Snapchat usernames in your search for more content from some of your favorite stars. But there is so much more to do, and not enough time, we know. 

So, we did a deep search, no stone was left unturned and all that with a single purpose of discovering a bit more about the sex life of some of your favorite transsexual pornstars. And these are the answers that we were able to come up with. We hope that you enjoy it!

It is al about intimacy

As we have mentioned in one of our previous articles, finding the right partner when you are a transsexual individual is not always easy. The trans community faces a lot of bigotry and rejection, but that is not a reason to give up on love and having someone to share everything with. Just because it is not easy doesn’t mean you should not give your best shot and get the love you deserve. It might seem strange but just look at the adult entertainment industry, where transsexual pornstars went from being in B and C productions and the whole genre is treated as taboo to the mainstream, winning awards and filling with all the major production houses. That means that there is a shift, people are ready to recognize how beautiful shemale and trans women are.

Madison Montag, a tans pornstars had the following to say about her sex life in a recent interview – “Oral sex is very different for me. I’m really shy in real life about my body and genitals. It all depends on the chemistry with the guy and if I’m really into him. I normally don’t like it because it just feels weird and uncomfortable to me. I have had one great experience with a guy I had amazing chemistry with and was sexually/emotionally connected to. He gave me oral, and I really did enjoy it! 

Sex is obviously different for me, since I don’t have a vagina, but I work around that. I do enjoy getting anal sex and giving oral sex, and I love rimming, both receiving and giving, which is one of my favorite things to do in the bedroom. I can still ejaculate and get myself off, also. But when it comes to emotions, I feel for the guy after sex. I get attached to a guy if I have sex with him, as every other woman does. To be honest, I’m not really a sexual person. I don’t have sex that often because I want it to be special, with someone special, not just some one-night stand with a guy I meet at a club or something.”

On the other hand, interestingly, Jessy Dubai got into porn on a dare from her boyfriend – “The movie Zack and Miri Make a Porno put the idea in my head. I was 19. When I was 23, I was arguing with my boyfriend at the time about the porn we were watching. I said, “I don’t like this porn.” He replied, “Well why don’t you make your own?” So, I did. I applied to work for and other companies. Soon enough I got the call that changed my path in life.”

Keeping the career separate from the love life

When asked about her stars in porn, the gorgeous Chelsea Poe had the following to say – “I started out in the Midwest and, being trans, it was extremely hard to get a job. I started doing [web-] camming, then I got introduced to some porn stars like Sasha Grey and Stoya and the first wave of queer porn performers like Courtney Trouble and Jiz Lee. I was living around a college campus at the time and I ended up seeing Jiz Lee speak. I got booked for one of their porn series.”

Her colleague TS Foxxy, when asked about physical challenges for trans women in porn had the following to say – “When I did my first hardcore, I had never taken Viagra in my life and I was like, "What do I need this for?" And they were like, "To stay hard through the whole scene." I said, "OK, mind you, I'm on estrogen so it's not so easy to stay hard." But I took the pill. I'm a little person — I'm only 5-foot-2. All of a sudden, I got flushed and hot and I was like, "Is this normal?" Having to fuck a guy as well as getting fucked was the hardest thing ever.”

A huge problem for trans women in porn is that they have to go off hormones to perform. That is something exceptionally harmful to their body not to mention the stress it puts on their endocrine system which in return can lead to severe depression. This is something you don’t get told that often.

Their day-to-day

This is a very important question, having quality and engaging sex on-screen with someone you love is extremely important for transsexual ladies, and it is possible, as there is no need for prolonged performance and they can relax and enjoy engaging the person they care about.

We will now return to Miss Motag and what she had to say about finding the love that she dreams of – “I know it’s not easy dating a transsexual, but I am just like every other girl except for what is in between my legs. I haven’t found a man that is secure enough with himself and his sexuality to disregard what other people would say or think about us dating. I don’t want to be a “secret” anymore. I know what I’m worth and what I deserve. I hope sometime in the future I will find a man who will want to show me off to the world. I’ve yet to find that, but I hope I do someday. I’m relatively young, so I know I have my whole future ahead of me with endless possibilities. I haven’t lost all faith in finding a soulmate.”